School Camps

Whether your school is after a full package dormitory based camp, a lightweight expedition or just some great adventure  based learning to add to your current program – then you’ve come to the right spot!

With over 25 years in the school camp business, we create memorable and affordable camp packages in close consultation with our clients to make sure you are getting the right experience for your group.

We have a strong focus on life learning, active lifestyles and the development of social capabilities acquired through adventure based experiences and we incorporate this valuable learning into ALL our program designs.

Whether your group is looking for specific links to the Australian Curriculum, you want to tick off some units for SACE outdoor education, you want some leadership and personal development programming or you’re just after some fun adventure activities there is no program too big or too small for our dedicated team of outdoor professionals.

With 4 different levels of school camp service and design there is something for every group. We quite literally operate a school camp WHEREVER you want to go. The possibilities are endless…

PLATINUM-The Works! All services provided

GOLD- Base level full service. Limited provisions and more budget conscious

SILVER- Set packages with fixed prices. Ideal for groups on a budget

BRONZE – Activities Only (instructors + equipment)

Here at Wilderness Escape, we are passionate about outdoor learning. We believe school camps provide incomparable learning experiences. Have a look below at some of the benefits of going on camp:

1. There is a range of skills and knowledge required to be active in the outdoors.
2. Individuals need to work together to achieve common goals in outdoor activities.
3. Human–nature relationships enhance an individual’s experience in natural environments.
4. Ecological, cultural and personal knowledge of places enhances decision making about conservation and sustainability.
5. Being in nature promotes health and wellbeing.
6. Journeys in natural environments promote personal growth and development

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