Developing Student Resilience,

Wellbeing and Positive Growth

Wilderness Escape offers a wide variety of Day Programs for schools which can be conducted as either day incursions or excursions at a range of locations throughout the state. We have our own fleet of buses to pick you up from school and take you wherever you want to get to. Our Day Programs include tailored experiences and are perfect for Term 1 Orientation Days or End of Year activity days. Our Day Programs include our Wellbeing Workshops, perfect for middle-school students and Team Building / Self Development sessions focused on positive psychology and adventure-based learning. Our Day Programs are ideal if you’re looking for a practical experience for your SACE Outdoor Education class, run by accredited and qualified facilitators, or even if you want to simply improve your student cohorts’ cohesiveness and engagement levels.

Our Day Program options include:

On-Site incursions with a focus on team-building, multitask dilemmas and problem solving activities. Perfect for Term 1 orientation!

Off-Site adventure-based learning activities at the Mt Lofty Adventure Hub in the Adelaide Hills or the Southern Adventure Hub in the Fleurieu Peninsula. These facilities, owned and operated by our good friends over at Venture Corporate Recharge, include High Ropes, Zip Lines, Rock Climbing and the highest 3-person swing in the state, towering at a massive 18 metres.

Other options include our range of adventurous activities which can be held nearly anywhere in South Australia. You want to take your class Rock Climbing at Morialta or Mountain Biking at Cobbler Creek? Then we have you covered. We also love to run end of year aquatic adventures with surfing, snorkelling and all things aquatic.

The Benefits of our Day Programs

  • Fast track student transition from Primary to Secondary
  • Students bond with peers
  • Assist integration into the senior school
  • Great for student wellbeing
  • Refresh and energise your mind
  • Push comfort zones and build resilience
  • Can be tied in to SACE Stage 1 or 2 Outdoor Education
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