Coming into Term 3, land-based camps become our main focus here at Wilderness Escape and in particular bushwalking expeditions, with a bit of kayaking thrown in for some added fun.

You might be asking yourself what is a bushwalking expedition and how will that benefit my child?

Bushwalking involves day walks or multi day walks along marked or unmarked trails. They typically take place in one of SA’s amazing National Parks or reserves. An expedition sees students learning multiple skills like navigation, map reading and a variety of camp skills.

At Wilderness Escape we believe that sharing and teaching students these 5 valuable skills will help them throughout their lifetime.


Our instructors teach students what essential items they should be packing to take on an expedition and how to pack those items taking into consideration weight distribution and pack weight to ensure a comfy walking experience.  Students are taught to correctly pitch a tent to provide themselves with shelter from the elements, while factoring in weather, location and safety.  During the program, students are introduced to expedition meal planning and under direct supervision are taught to prepare and cook their own food on a light weight camp stove called a Trangia.  Through team challenges, participants are educated in basic first aid and survival skills.


Heading off on a bushwalk means planning and knowing where you are going, so as part of their experience, students are taught basic navigation, route planning and map reading skills.   WEOA instructors are ready to pass on and share their knowledge and skills with students to ensure they can always find their way home.


Our staff are strong advocates for the outdoor life and believe that getting into the great outdoors is a great motivator and an ideal way to improve health & wellbeing.  Depending on the chosen location, bushwalking trails can range from easy to difficult.  The uneven terrain on a bushwalk means your body starts using muscles in a different way than just walking down the street.  Bushwalking can help build your core strength and improve balance.  Getting out into the bush is a great way to still the mind and regain inner peace.  Students get the opportunity to breathe in fresh air, disconnect from the world for a short while and find solace within themselves.


Our environment is precious and needs looking after and teaching students to respect and appreciate our natural environment is a key principle for Wilderness Escape.  Helping students to develop and understand “leave no trace” principles is an essential part of all our school camp programs, along with growing their knowledge of local regions throughout SA.


Wilderness Escape encourages students to have tolerance and respect for individual differences, as well as respect for themselves.  Our instructors aid participants in developing social and collaboration skills and team work through fun challenges and initiatives.  Enhancing self-confidence and overcoming challenges and differences is an integral part of our bushwalking programs.

Wilderness Escape strives to pass on and help students develop valuable skills which they can use in their every day life.  From leadership skills to team collaboration skills to camp skills, students get to learn in a stimulating, outdoor classroom surrounded by friends and qualified instructors.