1024_02Crossing the border into Victoria can reap great benefits in terms of adventure activity pursuits. The Garden state offers some of Australia’s best rock climbing at Mt Arapiles and The Grampians with sandstone quartzite cliffs soaring over 100 metres out of the Wimmera plains. The latter is littered with countless bushwalking trails, water falls and exceptional views. Combining the two activities of bushwalking and rock climbing can give participants a well rounded experience of The Grampians whilst expedition camping or even chilling out at tent based standing camps experience the beauty of the park through shortened day programs.

Down in the Portland region, Cobboboonee State Forest is perfect for expedition style mountain biking through cool temperate rainforest while the Glenelg River National Park offers bushwalking trails and kayaking routes that crisscross the border into South Australia.

The potential for walking opportunities within Victoria is endless with the great south-west walks including Discovery Bay and the Great Ocean Road region, all the way up to the Victorian high country were true wilderness can provide experienced walkers with the ultimate challenge.

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