hire_kayaksThe Murraylands is the name of the geographical region in South Australia that’s based around the lower part of the Murray River in South-Eastern South Australia and provides the perfect location for river based expeditions and river/aquatic focused base camp experiences.

The Murray River and its adjoining backwaters offer countless opportunities for Wilderness Escape to provide exploration, making it ideal for expedition style camps using kayaks, canoes or self constructed rafts as the means of travel. To add a taste of history to an awe-inspiring location, how about a guided tour through the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park to offer an insight into the rich Indigenous history of the area. Roonka Activity Centre outside of Blanchetown offers the perfect location for bunkhouse style programs, positioned perfectly on the edge of one of the quietest stretches of the might Murray River. Activities offered by Wilderness Escape ideal for this location include kayaking, canoeing, raft building, river ecology, swimming, aquatic based team building, bush survival and fishing.

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