Flinders Ranges

abseilingOne of South Australia’s, if not the entire country’s most picturesque and rugged areas is the Flinders Ranges National Park. Packed full of early settler, geographic and Indigenous history and some of the greatest views the state can offer, the Flinders Ranges provides the ideal setting for a true wilderness experience.

Bushwalking and mountain bike riding the Wilpena Pound region, with features such as Ediowie Gorge, Rawnsley Bluff and St Mary’s Peak is among some of the best on offer in the country and people travel from all over the world to visit this awe-inspiring location. Mt Remarkable has a proliferation of mountain bike tracks to suit all levels and is rapidly becoming one of the most recognised and respected mountain biking regions in the state. If walking and mountain biking isn’t quite enough of a thrill then Wilderness Escape can take your group up the deep ochre quartzite cliffs of the mid and north Flinders Ranges to provide opportunities for rock climbing and abseiling which are among the best in the country and in fact, recognised on a world scale.

Melrose provides comfortable dorm style accommodation only a stones throw from bushwalking locations such as Alligator Gorge and Mambray Creek while the rest of the Flinders Ranges provides multiple campsite opportunities for expeditions and standing tent based campsites

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