How the outdoors can benefit struggling and misbehaved kids

With over 25 years experience managing school camps, our team have had the pleasure of watching participants grow into promising young adults every year. With this privilege, sometimes comes frustration and dismay when witnessing some participants who display such potential of a successful life, make poor decisions for one reason or another. We’re not blaming anyone. Things happen. But the good news is, we can help! Wilderness Escape provides guidance, discipline and healthy encouragement to push comfort zones – it’s our responsibility to create a type of sanctuary and retreat where participants can be assured they’re in a safe place, surrounded by direction and fun.

Let kids’ be kids, with Wilderness Escape.

Let off steam

It’s not unusual to have participants with copious amount of energy (which isn’t from a morning coffee) on a school program. It’s brilliant! We wish we had that amount of natural energy every day. But we feel the participants frustration when they’re buzzing and constantly restrained. Let them run, climb and swim under safe circumstances with qualified and experienced leaders while they learn new and fun activities! Great physical activities to let off steam include:

Mountain Bike Riding
Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

Gain a new direction in life

‘You never know, if you don’t try!’ These words are constantly said while on camp and it’s truly something the team lives by. We constantly encourage participants to push their comfort zones, whether it be standing up on the surf board, taking the leap on the biggest swing in SA or taking a jump on the mountain bike. With supervision and safety precautions, these words can change the direction of a life. You never know, they might be the next Kelly Slater!

Improving self esteem and confidence

Self esteem and confidence is a personality trait which can be learnt, improved and then sadly in some difficult circumstances, reduced. It’s our aim to inspire, motivate and support our participants to do the best they can in the position they are under. Whether it be a group activity or individual venture, they are encouraged to speak up, offer their opinion, ask questions and overall be motivated to succeed by having the courage to do so.
Our problem solving programs are ideal for participants who are lacking in the courage and confidence to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Further details of our Problem solving programs can be found here.

Strengthen bonds and dynamics and social connection

Making friends is a tough gig at the best of times. Especially when insecurities, hormones, family crisis’s and exams are in the mix. Our leaders understand these issues and the pressures that they can bring. Which is why a camp that provides a safe haven is just what participants need to reboot, regain lost motivation, gain confidence and energy, make new friends and even accomplish a new skill! Our Bush Walking program is highly recommended to assist such situations. Please click here for further details.


Participants following instructions whilst on program is extremely important. Safety is first priority and any misbehaving that may effect the safety of other participants will not be tolerated. Our leaders strive to provide a safe environment, with strict safety rules that are clearly stated prior to commencing an activity. Providing the participants with such rules and having them acknowledge the importance of not following rules is crucial.

If you know a child who requires some time to regather themselves, perhaps it’s time to register them for a Wilderness Escape. If that’s not convenient, time outdoors with fresh air and a conversation can do wonders.

The information provided by Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures aims to stimulate thinking amongst parents, relatives and educators and is not intended to be prescriptive.