School Holiday Programs

Wilderness Escape provides a large number of educational and adventurous school holiday programs throughout the year. Designed for participants aged 5 years to 17 years of age our holiday programs are an excellent opportunity for children to make the most of their time off of school.

Why pick Wilderness Escape?

– Programs EVERY school holidays
– Qualified Outdoor Education Instructors
– Junior and Senior options available
– All day programs from 8am-5pm
– Convenient pick up/drop off locations (where specified)

All our programs are operated by our experienced Wilderness Escape team, at accredited campsites and venues. Our programs are the best blend of fun and education, getting your children outdoors, learning, and having a blast all at the same time!

Our Adventure Programs are always dynamic, fun, and let your children explore all the wonders of the great outdoors. Depending on the time of year we offer a range of activities including: rock climbing, challenge ropes, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, mountain bike riding, nature days… and much, much, more!
Click the link below to book your child the adventure of a lifetime these school holidays!


Gift Vouchers Available
Give your loved one a gift voucher so they can attend a school holiday program with SA’s largest and trusted outdoor educator. With the massive range of products available, there’s something for everyone!

*$50 and above only

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