Whilst we have experienced a stoppage to our business we expect an extra busy period to make up for lost time starting mid July to December 2020.
Covid 19 has brought many challenges, while we have been able to keep many of our staff engaged under Job Keeper, we will be faced with an increased need for facilitators in Term 3 and Term 4.
We welcome people that have worked in the tourism industry to apply. We understand tourism has faced the biggest hit in decades and many aspects of outdoor education and recreation cross over with the tourism sector. We are working with our future tourists, endeavouring to create a love of outdoors and travel with our students of today.
We will have intake training at the end of June beginning of July. We’re excited to come out on the other side of this with great learning experiences in the outdoors!!

The Wilderness Escape Group is the largest employer of outdoor educators in South Australia. A large emphasis is placed on professional development in both Nationally recognised adventure qualifications and improvement of personal skills.

Benefits of working with Wilderness Escape Group Include:
Work available throughout the year
Secure employment
Programs conducted in a large number of locations
Opportunity to specialise in a variety of fields
Extensive in-house training and gain Nationally recognised qualifications
Career progression opportunities
Apply today to work with our team of passionate outdoor professionals

Current Positions Available

WEOA will have instructor applications open for set periods:

  1. February to March 2020.
  2. May to June 2020.
  3. October to December 2020.

Email in your interest and resume to:

[email protected]